Monday, February 12, 2007

Belisi For Fame and Social Conscience

Peter Belisi went into the fashion industry with a mission: luxury with meaning. His line of ties, and now handbags and scarves, help to fund projects which fight poverty, protect the environment and fund medical research. He believes that we can live the high life while giving back to others. His passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftmenship have led to a loyal following among trendsetters with a social conscience. It has been said that “Belisi unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication." Visit to see his line of handbags and scarves or to pick up a tie for a close one.

Compacting and the Diva cup

Anti-consumerism is spreading like wildfire. All you have to do is join a Yahoo! group like the compact that shows you how most everything you buy is just a marketing gimmick. Take tampons and pads for instance. Women who are menstruating have to buy them every month. Some are disposable and biodgradable others land in the landfills and take years to degrade. Some have plastic applicators and plastic on them that doesn't easily compost. So, what's a woman to do if she wants to be environmentally friendly without resorting to rags like her sisters of old?

The Diva cup has been around for quite some time but it is not marketed the way tampons and pads are so women aren't aware of this option. The cup holds one ounce of menstrual flow and can be used to capture it without bulky pads or tampons. The entire menstrual flow is typically 3 to 4 ounces and so this works well no matter what part of your cycle you are on. You dispose of the flow and reuse the cup. There is nothing that goes in the landfill that is not biodegradable. Also, it can be used for years as long as it is hygenically maintained. This is a very ingenious solution and would work well for emergencies like Hurricane Katrina where medical and hygenic supply lines were cut. Why haven't we heard more about these types of solutions? My guess is because it is a one-time purchase and manufacturer's don't require you to come back month after month to pay for something that's a basic necessity. Think about that anytime you have a monthly payment for some goods or service. What are you actually getting from this product other than a lifetime committment on your part? Then, look for other solutions.

Dixie Chicks Comeback!

Okay, I don't know why they were ostracized in the first place. For letting people know they were pro-Bush? So, they were a bit ahead of everyone else. It just goes to prove how intelligent they are. They are vindicated at the Grammy's winning five different awards now. But, the political climate is significantly different now than before. About 65% of Americans don't approve of Bush anymore and so maybe that's why now they're being brought back with apologies. You go girls!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Silver as an investment

Silver is actually associated with the Divine feminine. It's pretty silver hue is associated with the moon's glow which is also associated with the secret Feminine. It's said that the priestesses of Goddess temples wore finery of silver. Now, you can buy your own silver in the form of silver ingots or coins. Monex offers you the capability to buy precious metals through their site and have it delivered to you or placed for storage in an independent bank or depository. With over 30 years of experience, the Monex Deposit Company (MDC) knows what its investors are looking for in today's precious metals market. Since 1990, the world's demand for silver has outstripped production, making this a good investment vehicle for the future.

Pelosi and Big Bird

The Madam Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, wants a big plane to fly her coast to coast non-stop and the Republicans are all bent out of shape. Okay, I am probably more frugal than just about anyone but what does security have to do with budget concerns? Bush has used that security excuse for years to waste tons of money, not to mention lives, in a foolish war in Iraq and the Speaker of the House, number 2 in line for the Presidency after Dick Cheney can't ask for a bigger plane to secure her travels? Maybe they'd like it if she weren't so secure. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Sorry, guys, you left yourself out in the cold with that security excuse. High time some woman used it against you.

Harvard picks a woman president

It's rumored that Harvard has made their choice: Drew Gilpin Faust. If selected, she will be the college's first women president. Although no one likes to make comments on gender and management styles, it is also rumored that her selection is in sharp contrast to Larry Summer's aggressive, sometimes controversial, form of management. Ms. Faust is seen to be more of a consensus-maker and egalitarian in her ability to hand out recognition for work done. This now makes four women in the Ivy League who are presidents of their respective universities. Women are rising in academia much faster than on the corporate board. has asked the question: "Is a woman what Harvard needs?" Read more in their article entitled "More Than the Anti-Summers."

Way to save money online...

Online shopping is becoming more and more sophisticated. Now, you can go shop online and get ebates as well. These are rebates of up to 25% off on merchandise in over 800 stores online. You can get coupons and cash back on a variety of goods and services, including car rental. The membership to join ebates is free and CNN has said it believes saving money there is a "no-brainer." claims to save their members thousands of dollars a year. Your rebates come back to you no in the form of discounts but as a check in the mail! Check it out and see for yourself.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Veronica teaches respect for women

I have to say, I am impressed with Veronica. This woman is married to Berlusconi, Italy's Prime minister, and is 20 years the man's junior. But, she knows when her gender is disrespected and she doesn't mince words. After making flirtatous comments to several women, Berlusconi angered his wife who demanded a private apology. Failing that, she demanded a public apology. Her reasoning was clear:

"This line of conduct has a sole limit, my dignity as a woman," Veronica said. "Today for my female children, already adults, the example of a woman capable of defending her own dignity in her relationships with men takes on a particularly significant importance."

He made a public apology. Women, take note. She doesn't expect a man to defend her dignity. She can defend her own dignity quite well. It would be nice if all women realized that lesson.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Can't A Woman Go To Church Alone And Not Be Accosted?

I take it men think that churches are good places to meet chicks. Some of us are there because we are meditating or praying! Duh! Maybe the Muslims have it right and church should be segregated so we women don't have to sit next to men who have been trying to get our attention over and over. It doesn't matter that you move, they're there following you sometimes. It doesn't matter if you're downright nasty to them, they think you are having a bad day. No, I am not having a bad day! I am in church! Leave me alone!

You know, I made the mistake of going out with not one, okay, THREE men at one church, all at the same time. It was a ridiculous thing to do, I admit. I was just in a dumb mood, I guess - really stupid. Was it my fault they all asked me out the same week? I mean, I wasn't really going with any of them, so why say no to any of them? Well, I figured I had it planned out real good. You see, one only came on Wednesdays. Another only came for the 9 am service and the other came at the 11 am service. The one thing I hadn't counted on was that they might all decide to try to make the same service I was in. The day I walked in (after months of dating all three), I was late, thank god. I walked in and just about had a fit. I didn't sit with any of them because if I had, the whole thing would have exploded. When the service was over, I immediately rushed out and left. Then, I dropped two of them. Eventually, I decided dating men at my church was just a very bad move. I was there to be in church, not to meet men. And the whole thing was rather retarded anyways!

So, I have a new idea for diamond merchants everywhere. You know they put out these marketing gimmicks for people to buy diamonds to advertise different things. Here's one: A diamond ring that specifically says, "Do not approach me. I am NOT available." I mean, really, must I put my damn engagment ring from my divorce back on my left hand just so men can stay the hell away from me at church? Is there not some sort of temporary body tattoo I can get that will scare the bejeezus out of any man and keep them out of my space?

Men, sometimes when we talk we aren't looking for solutions!

I guess it was hopeless and I just didn't see it. I was hoping to connect, not to be told what to do. What exactly is it about men that they think that we women can't think for ourselves? Honestly, I'm pretty damn sick of men who can't just sit with me for a moment in silence without being uptight. Please don't open your mouth. Please don't tell me what to do. And please, don't think you know what's better for me for my own life than me. I have done pretty well without you for a long time AND I've raised a daughter to boot. I don't assume you need some advice from me, so why don't you just try to connect next time instead of offering some blanket solutions that really weren't requested?

If women talked to men the way men talked to women they'd all have their panties tied up in a wad. Stop discounting us, okay? We really are grown-up and we really do make very good decisions for ourselves. Men!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Do you like USWeb's Ads?

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Personally, I have no opinion. Some of their ads are good and some are not. The blogger decides which ads to add to their blog and no one is making them do so. USWeb designs, develops, and implements custom web systems and integrated online marketing solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development, and customer retention. So, it is not unlike many different IT solutions but with a marketing and Internet bent. In the end, I suppose, you the reader decides whether an ad is effective or not. However, if these blog ads were not effective, people would stop paying us to do them.

Breaking The Marble Ceiling

Nancy Peloski was elected Speaker of the House. She is adamant that she will not be the last woman to hold this position. Read here for a feminist take on that news. Although, I agree it is a huge step forward, I would still like to see a woman president. I'd vote for Hillary Clinton any day. I think she's got what it takes, and I think she's got enough connections to bring in a lot of good people with her.

A Mother's Influence Is For Better Or Worse

We know mothers are cherished everywhere for their ability to give of themselves. But, recently I heard of a story of a little boy whose mother got angry at him and sent him out to sleep in the shed. It was the dead of winter and very cold outside. This was the second time she'd done this to him. I kept thinking to myself: "What did he do to deserve this treatment?" It's hoped that when we look at our children we see the best in them and treat them with dignity. When mothers teach their children their own inherent dignity then they are more likely to turn around and treat other people with dignity. When they treat them improperly then our children are scarred for life and, sadly, it influences all of society. Are there reasons someone can ever treat their children with so little human kindness? Is this a case of tough love or child abuse? The children on this planet are all our children. Is this mother in such difficulties that she hasn't anymore love to spare, even for her own children. The whole thing is very sad, but as mothers we are still responsible for the influence we have on our children. In turn, they will carry that with them for the rest of their lives either as a testament to your kindness or signpost for the errors of your ways.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sponsored Post: Charles Brown, DDS

Charles Brown works with Hayfield Dental Care which has served the residents of Alexandria since 1987. He has performed thousands of root canals, crowns, and surgical procedures. He has a perfect record at the Virginia Board of Dentistry with zero complaints as of this blog posting date. charles brown dds pc has received the Academic Achievement Award for being ranked first in his class in 1996. He then went on in 1997 to receive the Quality Care Award and Resident of the Year award from UMMC. He is a top dentist and a member of the ADA. To schedule an appointment in the Alexandria, Virginia area with Hayfield Dental Care call 703-971-2220.

Top 20 Professions For Women

Yes, this list is old (from 2003) and I hope things have changed, but I doubt it. No wonder women make only 77cents to every dollar a man makes. How can one really make a living being a secretary or a teacher? Nursing assistant? Where are the engineers, the lawyers, and the doctors? Well, I got trained as an engineer but I didn't particularly like the profession. Now, many engineers are unemployed. It really doesn't matter that you are blue-collar or white-collar. So, did these professions become poorly paid because there were women in them or is there something inherent about the professions that make them poorly paid? Interesting question.

Reconstructing Herstory

This site is a project to reconstruct women's role in history. It takes a look at some of the factors in oppression of the history and the structure of women's lives throughout history. It is separated into categories for countries, continents, and ancient empires. It also talks about the agency of women, which appears to be the way women functioned even in times of high oppression. If you are interested in several different views and highlights of women's history, this is definitely an interesting website.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Educating Your Teenagers About Driving Risks

Information is crucial to keeping your kids safe. The more information new teen drivers have, the less likely they will be to make common mistakes that can cause injuries and death. As parents, we are taught to tell our kids about sex, drugs, but very little is told to us about what we should tell our kids about driving. While we might want to be good little consumers and make sure we do our car insurance comparison when our kids start driving, more importantly is knowing what to tell our kids about safe driving habits.

That's why GEICO added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library of safe driving materials for teen drivers. The brochure, developed with the American Moving and Storage Association, includes valuable information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks. you can get the information online through GEICO or they also provide the same information cost-free to families, driving classes, law enforcement officials and state agencies. This information is brought to you by too. You can receive additional information at as well as compare rates for different policies. You might even be able to buy your car insurance online if your state regulations allow it too.